Cold Storage

The cold chain is a demanding environment. Goods need to be shipped under the strictest conditions. You need fast, uninterrupted distribution and storage. Anything less means that the goods don’t hit the shelves, profits tumble, and customers get grumpy.

PsionTeklogix rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers are designed to thrive in this unforgiving environment. Their scanners remain frost-free in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C). Which means productivity will never freeze.

Some of the world’s most successful cold chain operators rely on Psion Teklogix devices every day to:

  • Collect and use reliable real-time data
  • Monitor the food temperature history throughout the chain
  • Use RFID and barcoding to increase productivity and reduce picking time
  • Resist freezing and condensation caused by extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Interface with ERP and WMS systems
  • PsionTeklogix continually develop technology with one goal in mind – to make life in the cold chain easier and more productive, which makes the entire supply chain more effective, and your business more profitable.