RFID Overview

As a leader in the automatic data collection market, you can count on us to further support RFID as it evolves. PSL has several RFID implementations in the Agriculture industry utilizing the Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro hand-held. We continue to pilot and introduce new solutions and hardware that show tremendous potential for a variety of marketplaces.

In conjunction with our RFID business partners: Psion Teklogix, Agrident, Alien Technologies, IDT and Identec. PSL offers a variety of integrated and tethered RFID solutions for a range of standards and frequencies (UHF, LF, HF etc.) to enable our customers to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of their data collection processes in a wide range of applications – including livestock management/tracking, equipment maintenance, baggage handling, field data capture, manufacturing, healthcare, Logistics and transportation.

To minimize the risk for our customers that are considering introducing RFID or extending existing deployments we have developed a comprehensive RFID solutions offering that allows careful and considered integration of RFID technologies into existing business operations. From “Quick Start Testing” , workshops, surveys, design , pilot, and deployment , PSL supply a complete range of hardware and services to cover all RFID requirements.

RFID Solution Offerings

  • Quick Start Testing
  • Solution Development Workshop
  • Site Survey
  • Technical Solution Design
  • Pilot
  • Integration Testing
  • Enterprise Deployment
  • Software Development
  • Equipment Supply