Warehouse Management

Wireless warehouse solutions work by linking warehouse workers to the back-end application server where warehouse activities are being recorded via a wireless handheld or vehjcle-mounted device. The device tells employees where to go to pick up, put away, count, or move product within the plant.

This translates to a better control over the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse, it maximize the efficiency of the receipt and shipment of goods, optimises warehouse space utilisation and provides information at all times on exactly where goods are stored,- allowing employees to improve and maintain high customer service levels.

Benefits of a wireless warehouse solution include:

  • Manage inventory and orders wirelessly and in real-time
  • Collect data and images to track goods
  • Speed up picking and stacking
  • Enable efficient stock replenishment
  • Reduce data collection errors and operating costs
  • Interface with a WMS or ERP system
  • Keep in voice contact anywhere in the store or warehouse
  • Witness ROI in as little as four months

Pocket Solutions has installed and deployed numerous wireless warehousing solutions for customers in New Zealand and Australia, including manufacturers, third part logistics operators, distributors, and even ports. We can help you too !


Case Study

Cardinal Logistics

For their scanning and wireless infrastructure requirements, Cardinal turned to Pocket Solutions to supply the PsionTeklogix 7535 handheld terminals and 9160 wireless access points. Configured as a "mini controller" the 9160 has the unique ability to ....read more